Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where have I been?!!  Who knows! Guess I better learn to do more on my 'blog'! I am so jealous of everyone elses' I have been on lately and mine is just MIA!!! So, I have been junkin and buying up tables to alter!! Havent made many cards at all lately, again....just altering/painting and having fun!! Here is a couple of items I have been doing lately...OH..I have been making fabric flowers. I learned the basics from Tricia on You Tube: Rosette flowers by Tricia !!! so, here goes a few of my fave flowers I have made!!! And, thank you for popping in to visit me! I promise I will try to get better at being on my blog like a 'regular' person!!!
Make it a great day and chat witchas later!!!!!!
Tried something different with my flower pins here:
My BFF Wendy was having a birthday so I made her curtain ties!!
MY FAVORITEST of favorites!!!!

This is a fave of my flowers I have made!

A wedding card for a friend!