Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good Morning,Good Day or Good Evening!!!!
  Hoping every one is having a great fall! I have been working on 2 different things: my 'new' adventure is painting furniture! I am still making my cards and always will....but for some reason I am now addicted to HomeTalk [http://www.hometalk.com/] and have been looking at all the painted furniture!! What a fantastic place to visit. I used to be addicted to Pinterest, and still love Pinterest, but boy howdey....HT is fabulous!!!! Do take a look!!

   Well I had bought a $3 mini dresser and of course had to try my hand at painting it!!! Here is a peek at it:

I obviously painted it then sanded it. The paint is called 'Kangaroo' in Velspar paint! Love that color!!! Then used K&Co paper, not sure which pack then used Wild Orchid Crafts' flowers and other goodies from my stash! I love the way it is coming along! Been sitting around for a month or so as I work on other things!!!
Thanks for stopping by you guys!! Have a Creative Day!!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where have I been?!!  Who knows! Guess I better learn to do more on my 'blog'! I am so jealous of everyone elses' I have been on lately and mine is just MIA!!! So, I have been junkin and buying up tables to alter!! Havent made many cards at all lately, again....just altering/painting and having fun!! Here is a couple of items I have been doing lately...OH..I have been making fabric flowers. I learned the basics from Tricia on You Tube: Rosette flowers by Tricia !!! so, here goes a few of my fave flowers I have made!!! And, thank you for popping in to visit me! I promise I will try to get better at being on my blog like a 'regular' person!!!
Make it a great day and chat witchas later!!!!!!
Tried something different with my flower pins here:
My BFF Wendy was having a birthday so I made her curtain ties!!
MY FAVORITEST of favorites!!!!

This is a fave of my flowers I have made!

A wedding card for a friend!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Morning all!! It is a snowy, rainy, & spoodgey day here in Oswego, NY!!!
I also have started Cardiac Therapy for my heart. I guess it is needed since my heart attack        
last year! I exercise on the treadmill [which I want to get one for home NOW!]! And a few more
exercise pieces...I also have a doc apt for next week to talk to them about having my left hip
replaced! I have had the right hip replaced a couple of years ago, it wasnt fun and the recovery sucked!!
But, back to my posting...one of the nurses at therapy wanted me to make her a card for her son's
wedding in July this year. Here is one, made another one but havent taken a pic yet. Well...the colors
 they want are: Green [not sure WHICH shade] and Lavendar. yea, well...they are also into music and
are supposedly 'sophisticated'...ok...what other color is 'sophisticated' ??!! LOL..so this is a sample I
made to show her and well...she does want the colors she mentioned, AFTER I made this! Which is fine as
I can use this one for someone else later!!
Have a great crafty day all!!! Thanks for popping in..it has been quite a while since I have been here!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Morning again!! Here are my Christmas cards that were made for my cousins! The Christmas bell ones, [which I absolutley love!!] were colored and glossy accented and fussy cut!! [Love my exact-o knife boy!!]  And the penugins!! Cute Cute!! The music paper bg was just copied and printed from a music website! These card went out [sets of 25] and now it is off to do ours!!! I actually started in the beginning of October, and now, I am late!!! Go figure!!

 Have a crafty and relaxing day!!! Just do what makes you happy!!
Hugz & smooches!! Pam

It's beginning to look a lot like Chrstmas.....!!

Good Morning and welcome to almost Christmas !! Just wanted to show you guys some of my Christmas catcus'!! These are the only plant that I can grow inside! I have about 12 of them! They are doing wonderfully, but need to repot them!!
Has anyone been making their Christmas cards?! I have, but ended up donating 25 of them to a benefit for our neigbors son who passed away from a motorcycle accident in April 2012. And have done a couple special orders for family! Yayy!! So back to our cards! I just got my order from Gina K !! 
Gorgeous stamps! Great impressions!!! And I also bought some of her black cardstock!! To die for you guys!! Really!!! Anyways, will get my pics of recent cards then the package from StampTV.....

Make it a crafty and relaxing day!! Just go for it!!
God Bless America!! God Bless my Crafty friends and family!!!
Hugz & Smooches!!! Pam

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello EVERY one!! Have been MIA for quite a while, been working on Christmas cards now ...Yayy!! But tons of doctor visits after my awesome heart attack!!! {insert another 'yayyy' here!} But here is a card I did make my Cardiologist, {Dr. Ronald Caputo, Syracuse, NY}, when I gave it to him last Friday, he got all embarassed but loved it!!! Soo happy! Next week I do a stress test!! Yayy again! I am to cut out sugar [not gonna happen!!] and regular coffee or cut down [from ONLY 6 - 8 cups a day? THAT is how I stay creative!!!] So...here goes and I hope everyone out there has been awesome!!

Make it a great and creative days kids!!! Hugz & Smooches....Pam

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello all!! I HAVE been MIA for quite a while. On Father's Day [2012] I had a heart attack!! Now, I am taking Plavix and WOW, I was a bruiser anyways, but NOW..the wind blows hard and blammmmo!! I get a biggity big bruise! LOL..but, I am good. Back to making cards. This is a card for the EMT's that first took care of me. Kev [hubby] and I were at a car show at the firehouse, I wasnt going to go, but figured: why not, get out of the house and see people! It was fun, until then!!! But since the EMT's worked so fast....Here I am! I had a stent put in and the surgeon took out 3 clots. My right artery was 95% blocked..but...here I am!!!
So, here is a card plus I made a huuuge bowl of chicken wing dip and went over and gave it to them. They were obviously verry happy to see me!! Was a tearful reunion. I know a few of them and some said it was hard to see me like that. They did such a great job!! So do what you can for you volunteer firemen & emt's!!! THEY ROCK!!