Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello all!! I HAVE been MIA for quite a while. On Father's Day [2012] I had a heart attack!! Now, I am taking Plavix and WOW, I was a bruiser anyways, but NOW..the wind blows hard and blammmmo!! I get a biggity big bruise! LOL..but, I am good. Back to making cards. This is a card for the EMT's that first took care of me. Kev [hubby] and I were at a car show at the firehouse, I wasnt going to go, but figured: why not, get out of the house and see people! It was fun, until then!!! But since the EMT's worked so fast....Here I am! I had a stent put in and the surgeon took out 3 clots. My right artery was 95% I am!!!
So, here is a card plus I made a huuuge bowl of chicken wing dip and went over and gave it to them. They were obviously verry happy to see me!! Was a tearful reunion. I know a few of them and some said it was hard to see me like that. They did such a great job!! So do what you can for you volunteer firemen & emt's!!! THEY ROCK!!