Thursday, March 15, 2012

Okidoky!!! Still having really bad headaches, been over a week. Had blood work, still waiting on that!! Yayyy! Had thyroid checked, 'fine' which means....I AM just fat!! LOL! Menopause..YUP..[GOD.. knew that by those pesky hot flashes!!]
But, back to playing, I made some pepperoni bread yesterday! Came out really good, but of course: could use MORE cheeeez!!
I havent really done any crafting because my desk lamp and back table lamp are kind of messing with my vision! So what's a girl to do?! BAKE!!! I will be posting, oh!! I forgot....I dont have my nieces mini album I made for her new baby: Naomi and her daughter Charlee...hmmm..guess I need to get those on here!! OK then...guess I will have 2 posts for today!!
As usual...thank you for visiting!! I know my blog right now isnt exciting....but it's what I have for now!!
Be creative!! xoxoxo Pam