Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Morning all!! It is a snowy, rainy, & spoodgey day here in Oswego, NY!!!
I also have started Cardiac Therapy for my heart. I guess it is needed since my heart attack        
last year! I exercise on the treadmill [which I want to get one for home NOW!]! And a few more
exercise pieces...I also have a doc apt for next week to talk to them about having my left hip
replaced! I have had the right hip replaced a couple of years ago, it wasnt fun and the recovery sucked!!
But, back to my of the nurses at therapy wanted me to make her a card for her son's
wedding in July this year. Here is one, made another one but havent taken a pic yet. Well...the colors
 they want are: Green [not sure WHICH shade] and Lavendar. yea, well...they are also into music and
are supposedly 'sophisticated'...ok...what other color is 'sophisticated' ??!! this is a sample I
made to show her and well...she does want the colors she mentioned, AFTER I made this! Which is fine as
I can use this one for someone else later!!
Have a great crafty day all!!! Thanks for popping has been quite a while since I have been here!!