Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello everyone!! Just poppin' in for a bit...I have a really bad headache that just wont go away, yea,I could do this tomorrow...but figured since I am out of bed for a minute...

This card and 3 x 3 inch mini is for my bff's daughter in California! She has 2 gorgeous kids, so I thought I would make her a mini to stick in her purse or wherever and remember how cute and small they were!!  Have a great day everyone, and I will be back later...

xoxo Pam

 The tags pull out with more pics on them!! This is tooo cute!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hi my peeps!!! Hope everyone is having a great week!! A good friend from high school just adopted her first doggie!! So I made an adoption card for her! I have to git a pic of her baby on here..but for is the card I just sent her. I am in love with those Stair Step Cards i tell ya!
Everyone have a fabulous week and hopefully I will be back real soon to put up my mini I did for my niece!!

xoxo Pam

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hey kids! I had to do another post for today!! I am getting cocky with my new blog!! LOL..anywho....I did another Stair Step Card..I believe I put a link in my last post to YouTube for do check it out...OK this card is for my niece..her birthday isnt til next month...but I am trying to get my gift card holders and such done to sell later this year and am going to submit some cards for a challenge in the Papercrafts mag. I want to be in the next issue!! And get to wear a crown!! here is my nieces card..enjoy and I hope you guys like it!!

Be creative....
xoxo Pam

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good afternoon everyone!! It is a bright sunny, albeit, chilly day....but nice! I have been working on a different card style. Was checking out YouTube and SCS blog and found this really cool easy card to make...

The directions are pretty easy. I believe it is called a Center Step card...not sure tho, so don't hold it against me if you find it and I got the name wrong!! Give it a whirl!! I will definately be making this style again!! I am going to be entering some cards into the PaperCrafts magazine and think this will be like the one I will enter! Have never entered anything into a mag before...sooo fingers crossed everyone!!!
If you cant find the video on this card, let me know me at, and I can either direct you....oh wait...lemme see if I can put the link in here!! Hold on....Stair Step Card !!!   TADA!!! I did it! I actually put a in link in my blog!! Teehee..I am getting pretty good at this!!! do go check this YouTube video out!!! Sooooo easy kids!!

Have a great day...maybe lemme know if you guys made one of these and I can take a look at yours!!

Have a great crafty day my friends..... Pam

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello peeps!! Hope every one is having a wonderful February!!! Boy is the time flying!

I wanted to show you a couple of items I have made for my good friend Shilpa Lalit. I met her when we were on the website MilliandeArtCommunityfor women. She is an amazing artist. I will try to put a link to her work on here later. Shilpa and Lalit welcomed a baby boy January 31st 2012!! Soo happy for them! Here are a few things I made for them:
I made the flowers on the frame and the bow! It took me a while because you know, I am never satisfied and HAVE to finally put things down and let it go!! LOL...I hope she likes these, I am sure she went out in the mail today!
Congratulations again Shilpa & Lalit for the birth of your baby boy!! ENJOY!!!

xoxo Pam

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here is a new magazine from Annie's Attic show casing Melanie Muenchinger! She creates her own stamp sets and is a Designer on Gina K's StampTv blog. Do check her work out here: 'Year of Flowers' by Melanie Muenchinger!! Follow the amazing blog hop they have over at : Have fun!!! Comment on everyone's blog and be entered to win her book!!! Good luck!!
A card made from one of the flowers in the set...... 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gift Card holders I have been working on

Blue purse gift card/money/candy etc holder. This is just a mock up...but cant wait to make more of these!! They were fun!!

Love the baby onsie gift card holders! Fantastic for baby showers, baby birthday's...even for older 'kids' birthday gifts!! Have had this die and decided..'why not!!?'.....

Another adorable purse gift card/money/candy or whatever will fit in this adorable purse!! My new fave things to make!! Yeah for YouTube!!!
Inside of another money/gift card holder! The tab helps to pull up the card which will have a card/money attached to it via 1/2 circle punches. Now, to find/buy that punch. I believe it is an old Stampin Up one, but I am sure I can find it otherwise!!

How adorable! This is my first one to make like this! The brad to the left is a 'makeshift' hinge! Love that!
A-DOR-A-BLE!!! cute is this? I heat embossed this gorgeous dragonfly in copper!! The stamp sentiment 'just for you' is from a kit I have from StampTv. Fantastic stamps sets there with GinaK!! I have an order waiting for me that is about $235! Buy 3 stamp sets and get one free! Fantastic cardstock! Really cant be beat and the beautiful stamp sets!
Inside of the blue baby onsie! Did these pictures backwards...sorry kids!! I did this pocket myself and just love this! Have never seen anything like these card holders!! Cute!!

Outside of the blue card holder! How adorable is that baby!! Yeah for ebay!! LOL. Put the swarovski crystals for the snaps!! Cute!!!

Loving this onsie holder! Love the white with different color background scallops!! Again, I must say...ADORABLE!!!
Inside of the baby mouse 'get well/feel better' holder. The middle opens a little so a card, tea bag or something thin will go in there!!

Love this card holder!! Love this mouse! Again, from another stamp set from StampTv!!
And most likely my favoriet onsie! I am in love with polka dots and yellow!! amazing combination!!! Love the little giraffe stamp...again yeah ebay!! LOL

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ghost Hunt 8/2011 !!!

 This is the group of us that went to Louiseville Kentucky 8/2011 for a ghost hunt!!!
 On the fourth floor of Waverly Hill Sanitorium!! Remember, it was PITCH BLACK in there! I had a great camera!!!
 Here is the top [5th floor] area where the children were...verry creepy there! It felt soo dreary in there. Didn't hear any children, which I was thankful for!! Just foot steps and breathes of people!

Ok..see that white orb to the right of this pic?! This was when we got there about 7pm! Still light out and I caught an apparition!! Very cool, and yeah, no, it ISN'T my finger !!! Wayyy cool you guys!!
Hello all!!'s appears that I might have FINALLY gotten a little bit more info on putting up a blog! I DID have a blog...doofy me...and told people I didn't..! Hmm..LOL...So, with the help of my husband and intense patience on my part...I am getting this thing going!

Quite a few people have asked about my I guess this is IT!! now everyone gets to see what I have been up to! Now, to put pictures of my work on here!! YIKES! I see so many with gorgeous sites and am so jealous! But, here is mine .... the beginning of it anyways...please be patient as I am not a 'reading comprehensive person' I learn better by 'seeing' then by reading and doing!!

If ANYONE..and I mean..ANYONE..has any ideas for all means...please please tell me how to do certain things on here. Anything that would make this look better!!! Thanks all and have a great day!!!

xox Pam