Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello all!!'s appears that I might have FINALLY gotten a little bit more info on putting up a blog! I DID have a blog...doofy me...and told people I didn't..! Hmm..LOL...So, with the help of my husband and intense patience on my part...I am getting this thing going!

Quite a few people have asked about my I guess this is IT!! now everyone gets to see what I have been up to! Now, to put pictures of my work on here!! YIKES! I see so many with gorgeous sites and am so jealous! But, here is mine .... the beginning of it anyways...please be patient as I am not a 'reading comprehensive person' I learn better by 'seeing' then by reading and doing!!

If ANYONE..and I mean..ANYONE..has any ideas for all means...please please tell me how to do certain things on here. Anything that would make this look better!!! Thanks all and have a great day!!!

xox Pam

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