Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello peeps!! Hope every one is having a wonderful February!!! Boy is the time flying!

I wanted to show you a couple of items I have made for my good friend Shilpa Lalit. I met her when we were on the website MilliandeArtCommunityfor women. She is an amazing artist. I will try to put a link to her work on here later. Shilpa and Lalit welcomed a baby boy January 31st 2012!! Soo happy for them! Here are a few things I made for them:
I made the flowers on the frame and the bow! It took me a while because you know, I am never satisfied and HAVE to finally put things down and let it go!! LOL...I hope she likes these, I am sure she went out in the mail today!
Congratulations again Shilpa & Lalit for the birth of your baby boy!! ENJOY!!!

xoxo Pam

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