Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ghost Hunt 8/2011 !!!

 This is the group of us that went to Louiseville Kentucky 8/2011 for a ghost hunt!!!
 On the fourth floor of Waverly Hill Sanitorium!! Remember, it was PITCH BLACK in there! I had a great camera!!!
 Here is the top [5th floor] area where the children were...verry creepy there! It felt soo dreary in there. Didn't hear any children, which I was thankful for!! Just foot steps and breathes of people!

Ok..see that white orb to the right of this pic?! This was when we got there about 7pm! Still light out and I caught an apparition!! Very cool, and yeah, no, it ISN'T my finger !!! Wayyy cool you guys!!


  1. How cool is that!!!! You were so close to me and didn't even call!!! HUM.....

  2. Yeah! See!! Now I just have to get my badges from StampTV and FB!!